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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Observations From The Back Row, 4/2/11

By Rich Kozlovich

Democrats attack Republican candidate's children

By Art Robinson

Although I won the nominations of the Republican, Independent and Constitution Parties and the endorsement of the Libertarian Party, a massive media smear campaign by DeFazio, paid for with money raised by and from special interests favored by DeFazio in Washington, resulted in a 54.5 percent to 43.6 percent victory for DeFazio in a race that was expected to be much closer.   Although I had never run for public office before, I immediately announced my candidacy for Congress again in 2012. However, when you take a stand for what's right, sometimes there is retribution.

Higley tries to build case for Joshua’s dismissal

Breaking OSU rules, breaking the law, and exhibiting remarkable unethical conduct, Katherine Higley at OSU is trying to build a bureaucratic excuse for OSU action against Joshua.  Ms. Higley at Oregon State has been implying to the press that Joshua will be dismissed because he has not complied with her demands to form a thesis committee. She is concealing the fact that Joshua already has a thesis committee, with one potential vacancy because Higley’s husband has expressed his desire to resign. She also demands that he get a new research project, even though under the direction of his current thesis committee, he is well along with his PhD work on the research project that they approved long ago.  Higley has no authority to demand that Joshua disband his committee and begin his research work over. Of interest, also, is that Higley’s husband, Instructor Reese, has said that he personally will take over the equipment that Joshua has built and the research that Joshua has conducted, using it for his own professional gain.

 OSU Stone Walls the Public and the Press
Dear Friends,

Thank you for the many emails and phone calls that you have made on behalf of the Robinson students. Your continued inquiries are very helpful to them.  Meanwhile, there is no indication as yet that the OSU faculty administrators who plan to see that the Robinson students are unable to complete their PhD work regardless of their examination, academic, and research performance (the three things that ordinarily govern PhD work) have altered their course. These people are continuing their reprehensible maneuvering - and are attempting to keep their actions from public view.

Please help. OSU moves to stop Joshua Robinson's PhD work

Regardless of OSU's press releases to the contrary, Joshua Robinson is now actively being prevented, by OSU employees, from carrying out his PhD research at OSU.  For his graduate work at OSU, Joshua Robinson, under the guidance of his mentor Dr. Michael Hartman, constructed a prompt gamma neutron activation elemental analyzer that is attached to the OSU nuclear reactor, which serves as its source of neutrons. Joshua won an OSU award for this work. This analyzer has been enthusiastically complemented by scientists at two prominent U.S. research facilities with whom Dr. Hartman and Joshua have collaborated in its use.

Crunch time: Payback machine grinding GOP candidate's kids

Earlier this month, WND broke the sensational story in which Art Robinson – the noted scientist who challenged Democratic Rep. Peter DeFazio for Oregon's 4th District congressional seat in November – alleged some extraordinarily nasty post-election political retribution was underway against his children.  DeFazio, one of Congress's most influential leftist progressives, having co-founded and chaired the House Progressive Caucus, won with 54.5 percent of the vote, compared to 43.6 percent for Robinson, a solid Reagan conservative – largely because, during the home stretch, DeFazio and his supporters launched a vicious media smear campaign against Robinson consisting of multiple outrageous lies ("Robinson's a racist," "Robinson's in the pocket of 'big oil,'" etc. – even, believe it or not, "Robinson wants to irradiate your drinking water.")

It is my intention to keep posting the results as this goes on.  I have often said that scientific integrity is an oxymoron, but perhaps I was too narrowly focused. 

For more information or to take further action, please visit 

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