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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Observations From the Back Row: 4-17-11

By Rich Kozlovich

Quotes of the Day
Scientists don't live in a fashion-free vacuum. They dress themselves in the fashions of the day, read the latest scare stories of the day, follow the latest celebrity soap operas of the day and most of all abide by rules to not upset the funding apple-cart from which their work is done, whatever their personal and moral qualms, at least until retirement. John (surname name unknown)

"There is no cure for stupid. There is not a pill you can take, not a class you can go to. Stupid is forever." - Ron White

AFBF intervenes in pesticide lawsuit The American Farm Bureau Federation, along with other agriculture groups, has filed a motion to intervene in federal court in a lawsuit aimed at imposing needless restrictions or bans on pesticide use. AFBF filed in Center for Biological Diversity v. Environmental Protection Agency, a suit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California. The Center for Biological Diversity's lawsuit alleges that EPA violated the Endangered Species Act by allowing the use of nearly 400 pesticides without conducting consultations with the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service and National Marine Fisheries Service (Services) regarding potential impacts on 214 listed species.

Rancher tells Congress the way it really is down at the border It would have been impossible to win World War II if the military had been forced to comply with current laws such as the National Environmental Policy Act, Endangered Species Act, Clean Water Act and dozens of other laws enacted by Congress after ...

Beluga Whale Habitat Increased The designation of the habitat as protected falls under the Endangered Species Act and restricts the construction and operation of oil rigs, port construction and dredging. Protected areas include locations within the Cook Inlet and nearby waters where ................Still, there is resistance from some Alaskans, including the governor, who said they will, “fight these federal actions that destroy jobs and opportunities for economic development.” (Source: Sadly, the governor is either willfully stating misinformation or is uninformed as healthy ecosystems contribute massively to the state’s economy, “Almost 55,000 direct jobs (full time equivalent basis) and 84,000 total FTE jobs are closely linked to the health of Alaska’s ecosystems. These jobs produce almost $2.6 billion of income for Alaska workers.”

Beluga whales can weigh up to 3,000 pounds and eat salmon, capelin, herring, shrimp, arctic cod, flounder, crabs, and mollusks. They seem to especially like salmon and gather at the mouths of rivers to catch them.

My Take - I’m not sure, but does it seem that the Beluga whale is eating up the 55,000 jobs linked to Alaska’s ecosystems? It also seems to me that the expansion of their habitat will have a serious impact on Alaska’s economy if they can’t drill or ship oil. Do we really believe that the greenies care about those 55,000 jobs? Get real! That is nothing more than a red herring fallacy.

Green economic policies would devastate living standards The theory of a steady state economy (stationary economy) is not only central to green thinking, something that Senator Bob Brown admitted, it is in fact the green fanatics’ ultimate goal. It would also be a totalitarian nightmare. I think best to begin with description of a steady state economy followed by the greens’ main criticisms of economic growth and ending with an explanation of why their green utopia would be a vicious tyranny.

Good bye, Kyoto The 1997 Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012, after surviving 15 years, mostly spent on life support. It reached its peak in Bali in 2007 at the annual UN gabfest, had a sudden unexpected collapse in Copenhagen in 2009, and has been in a coma since. Kyoto had its real beginning at the 1992 Global Climate Summit in Rio de Janeiro. I missed that great party but George Bush the elder went and signed up for the United States. The language of the Global Climate Treaty, the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC), was vague enough to not be completely objectionable — although we should have known better than to let the camel’s nose enter the tent. It has prejudiced the subsequent discussion by focusing only on anthropogenic global warming (AGW)….. Kyoto: A Money Machine — for Some - The Kyoto Protocol was a fraud right from Day One.

My Take – Goodbye and good riddance!

Did everyday chemicals cause my tumor? ……….I was standing in my living room when the phone rang just a few hours later. When I picked up the phone and heard the orthopedist’s voice, I knew even before he spoke that something was amiss. "Hello, Mr. Jenkins," he said, then paused. "You have a suspicious mass in your abdomen," he said. "It's growing inside your left hip. Here is the number for an oncologist. You need to call him right away."……This was really happening. But how?

How much exposure had I had to toxic chemicals and other contaminants? In my life? I asked. This seemed like an odd question. What kind of chemicals do you mean? The researcher began reading from a list, which turned out to be long……By now I had begun to feel distinctly uncomfortable…..

My Take – Last year I had a conversation with one of my customers regarding this subject. Her family doesn’t enjoy perfect health in the first place due to allergies, so they are sensitive to the whole issue of chemicals. We started discussing cancer and how, according to her, it was increasing. I told her that in reality the cancer rates had been dropping for years. She began citing a list of people that she knew or had heard about that had cancer. I said that I was sorry to hear about this, but this was merely anecdotal evidence, not science. As an intelligent person she acknowledged the reality of my statement, reluctantly. I went on to explain a number of things to her, but the argument that was most convincing was the argument of history.

If we were to take a plastic overlay today’s demographic and place it over the demographic of 100 years ago two things would stand out. There were very few smokers and very few people over 65; the two major cancer demographics. If those two demographics were thrown out of today’s demographics the cancer numbers would really plummet. As it were, we aren’t facing a cancer epidemic! This isn't to suggest that cancer isn't a major health problem, but the claim here is that modern life is at fault. This has always been an emotional hook for the green movement. This simply isn't true. If it were....we would see huge increases in every kind of cancer, not less. The problem is always the same. We win the battle of facts and they win the battle of emotion; and emotion will win out over facts every time. In order to win the war we need to win the battle of facts and emotion!

First they came for the labor leaders in Cuba A union protestor in Wisconsin was caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Castro and his clone, Che Guevara. Of course, there’s no kerfuffle from the MSM or Democratic Party. Good thing he wasn’t a Tea-partier caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Mussolini and clone Pinochet! Instead he was a union protestor in Madison, Wisconsin, caught on camera saying he wants to vote for Castro and his clone, Che Guevara. So there’s no kerfuffle from the MSM or Democratic Party. As I recall the (utterly bogus as it turned out) use of the “N” word by Tea-partiers back in March generated quite a kerfuffle.

My Take - This isn’t directly a green issue except that it clearly demonstrates what happens when everything is centralized and controlled by people who don’t have a clue how to do anything, except take and hold power.  The green movement became the step child of socialism. It is now the spear point of socialism, and they have demonstrated over and over again that they don’t have a clue as to what works and what doesn’t work. They are great at finding fault, but they are clueless when it comes to finding solutions. A common quality of the left.

As I read this I remembered an article when I was a teenager about JFK and Khrushchev talking about labor problems. Khrushchev told Kennedy that in the USSR they had no labor problems because they gathered up all the union leaders in the 1920’s and shot them. Another common quality of the left.

However, the left has excelled at a few things. Overthrowing governments, killing million of innocent people and ultimately devastating every economy it has ever taken over. Greenies truly are a child of the left.


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