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Sunday, April 10, 2011

Observations From the Back Row, 4-10-11

By Rich Kozlovich

Blue Mountain School: A public health case study of what not to do  Blue Mountain School, an alternative education school in Floyd County, Virginia, is learning about public health the hard way as at least 30 people, including 23 of its 45 students, have been diagnosed with pertussis, better known as whooping cough. After the devastating outbreak in California last year that claimed the lives of ten infants, you would think parents in Virginia would know better, but according to Dr. Molly O’Dell, director of the New River Health District, the outbreak was caused by residents failing to get themselves and their children vaccinated, as recommended by the CDC and the American Association of Pediatrics.

Inadequate vaccination leads to imported contagion
Though measles was officially declared “eradicated” in the United States in 2000, a number of cases are still imported from people visiting countries that cannot or do not vaccinate against the disease. The CDC reports that in the first few months of 2011 alone, seven cases of measles have been imported by U.S. infant travelers aged 6 and 23 months. From 2001 to 2010, that number was 47. None of the most recently infected infant travelers were vaccinated with the MMR (measle-mumps-rubella) vaccine, despite their eligibility to receive the immunization prior to traveling, while only three of the 47 children infected abroad prior to 2011 were vaccinated.

My Take - I almost hate of post comments about this because I feel like a broken record. I keep saying the same things over and over again.  Vaccinations don’t cause autism! Vaccinations save lives!

There is absolutely no science to support this nonsense. Every study that has come out has absolutely demonstrated that this is a lie; a lie perpetrated by a corrupt doctor and stupid Hollywood celebrities.

Failure to  vaccinate  in a society causes disease, heartbreak and unnecessary deaths!   These irrational activists keep making idiotic claims convincing caring parents that they are protecting their precious children when in reality they are removing important shields for good health and life. What is even more disturbing we have people like Oprah and her ilk interviewing these celebrity idiots who are perpetrating this idiocy, as if they actually know what they are talking about....and society listens to them!

Yesterday they were waiters and waitresses or parking cars and pumping gas and now because they sing, act or dance better than everyday people their opinions on life are sought out.   Are we to assume that the only way the actual experts are going to be listened to is it they become  famous dancers, singers or actors?  Are we brain dead? 

What we have here is suicide by success.  We have gone so long without serious public health disasters that we have come to believe as a culture that it is our right not to have public health disasters.  Well, that isn't the way it works.  We created this society by, among other things, vaccinating, applying pesticides and putting chlorine in our water to save lives and that is exactly what has happened.  

It is intersting that those life saving tools are the ones most likely to be attacked by these irrational people.   There has got to be some way to stop these people. Where are the ambulance chasing attorneys when you need them? It is my belief that if a few of these people were sued by parents whose children died as a result of not getting vaccinated….things would change.

Our rush to biofuels prices food staples out of reach in Africa Each year, the effort to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels with alternative energy sources, such as biofuels, leads to an increase in the diversion of staple crops from the bellies of starving nations due to resultant price hikes, The New York Times reports.

My Take -  This is another result of listening to the greenies.  We are putting food into our gas tanks....because according to the greenies this is sustainable.  Because we are running out of oil, and killing the planet with our technology.  That is nuts!  The reality is that those most technically advanced societies are also the richest societies and as a result can afford to be more concerned about the environment.  Those least technology advanced societies are also the poorest and in their need to survive they can't afford to be concerned about the environment and they aren't   That is reality! 

We are not running out of oil, coal or natural gas.  We have enough of each to last past our grandchildren's lives no matter what the greenies say.  And as for oil....I subscribe to the abyssal abiotic theory of petroleum, which means that oil is not a fossil fuel, but a naturally occurring substance in the Earth's crust that keeps working its way to the surface. 

Final thoughts - I challenge everyone to start thinking critically.  The greenies are against everything that mankind has put into place in order to grow enough food, provide sufficient energy to make life easier, pesticides that prevent pests from destroying our food sources and spreading disease along with safe drinking water; these efforts and a host of other wonderful advancements for mankind's betterment provides for longer, healthier lives.  Does anyone really believe that these programs were instituted for no reason? 

Farmers are the most fugal people on the planet...they simply can't afford to are we to believe that the most frugal people on the planet started using pesticides even though they didn't need them?  Do we believe that chlorine was put in the water for no reason?  Do we believe that countries that don't use advanced agricultural techniques, vaccinate their children and chlorinate their water live longer healthier lives than we do?

Yet they tell us these things are actually killing the planet and us!  But time has shown this simply isn't true.  They claim that  "tipping points" to disaster are here and we must abandon all these beneficial actions.  Yet each "tipping point" passes and we're okay.  What are their real motives.  Let's face it, it isn't "for the children" as they claim.  The green movement is irrational and misanthropic.  Why can't we get that?  

The questions we have to ask are these:

1.  Can mankind survive without altering his environment? 
2.  If "green" is so great, why did everyone abandon it as soon as they could? 
3.  Why don't the people promoting this green nonsense take their families and move to these countries that live these so-called "natural" lives?    
One More thing.  I have said in the past that Patrice Lewis is one of my favorite commentators because she writes about "the basics".  The stuff that really makes life work.  I know that this isn't a green issue on the surface, and I have no way of proving what I am going to say next,  but I am convinced that children raised with good foundation aren't as easily swayed by the green movement, which has morphed into a guasi-pagan religion.  This may not directly be a green issue, but it certainly is a common sense issue, and I liked the article. 

What's needed to raise well-rounded kids
I'm writing this from an observation deck overlooking an enormous gymnastics studio. Below me are three classes of students working simultaneously in different areas (floor mat, balance beam, uneven parallel bars, etc.). One of those 50 or so kids is our daughter. I'm here every week, watching as she learns the intricacies of this beautiful sport.


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