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Monday, April 25, 2011

Observations From the Back Row: 4-25-11

“De Omnibus Dubitandum”

Climate change is not a scientific problem that found political support; this is about eco-activists and politicians who found a scientific issue they feel can leverage them into power and control. The environment is a great way to advance a political agenda that favors central planning and an intrusive government. What better way to control someone’s property than to subordinate one’s private property rights to environmental concerns. - Dr. Jay Lehr

Vicious Persecution of environmental realist and his children – Political Payback, Oregon Style Confused visitors will be forgiven for thinking Oregon State University is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Congressman Pete DeFazio and the “progressive-socialist” wing of the Democratic Party. Or for likening what’s going on there to political retribution as practiced in Third World thugocracies.

My Take - It is my belief that this is a landmark case that can correct so much corruption in the universities. This type of corruption is taking place all over the country, and I have been convinced for some time that the reason this has become epidemic is that the perpetrators are never really held accountable. I believe this can only be resolved by the legislature or the courts....and preferably in the courts as in a civil action, and later as a criminal action.

Not only should the state, the university and the regents be sued, the staff that has perpetrated this should also be sued personally!  In my view, they acted outside their authority granted to them by this state supported university, and that makes this a personal liability case in my opinion.

This should also be presented to federal prosecutors as a potential RICO case. This clearly is a conspiracy. The issue is whether or not this conspiracy involved criminal activity. I think a case can be made that an attempt has been made to steal the work of these students for the benefit of others, or at the very least a case can be made that this was done to in some way give political support to an elected representative, either way this is a conspiracy for corrupt gain. I don't see this as being much different than the Blagojevich case. That makes it a RICO case. In order to send a message someone must be fired, pay restitution or go to jail…..or preferable all three.

World Forests……….The sensible response to such information is to recognize that the human discovery of fossil fuels, and consequent emissions of CO2 (industrialization), has benefited all life. We have contributed significantly to the increase in NPP on earth (and particularly to increased crop yields) and this has ‘saved nature’- both plants and animals. Also, our advances in GM crop research have supported the trend toward using less land to grow more food. This too has helped save nature. We ought then to celebrate and support the human enterprise and industrialization, instead of wrongly demonizing it as a curse on nature. These facts show that the human enterprise is not destroying nature.

Staff bonuses to be linked to recycling Office workers who drive to work, forget to turn off their computers and fail to recycle at work will miss out on pay bonuses under a scheme aimed at getting companies to cut their carbon footprint………The software programme Sustainability Momentum – known as Sumo – is downloaded into each employee's workstation so the company can monitor whether employees are following energy-saving procedures.

The Climate Tort Goes Down - Even liberal Justices can't abide this theory How unconvincing is the green legal doctrine of the climate tort? So much so that not a single Justice seemed persuaded when the Supreme Court heard oral arguments last Tuesday-even some of the liberals questioned the theory with Scalia-like vigor.

The EPA's muddled machinations should not come as a surprise, because the agency long has been a haven for scientifically insupportable policies perpetrated by anti-technology ideologues in career and appointed positions. It has a sordid history of incompetence, duplicity, and pandering to the most extreme factions of the environmental movement, all of which appears to be accelerating.” – Henry Miller and Gilbert Ross.

Gas prices: Lessons from Carter years "People saw in him someone who was not on their side in this fight," Devine says — and that perception is believed to have been a major factor in sinking Carter's re-election campaign………."It's evidence that the president wants to pick sides in this, and the side that he's going to pick is the side of the consumers. Not oil companies, Wall Street speculators," he says. "It's, I think, potentially a very powerful symbol."

My Take – Talk about delusional. Drilling for oil in the jurisdiction of the U.S. and building refineries would be a much more powerful symbol….then again there is a difference between symbolism’s that gives the impression of doing something versus actually doing something. And people know it.

"The time has come," the Walrus said,
"To talk of many things:
Of shoes, and ships, and sealing wax -
Of cabbages and kings,
And why the sea is boiling hot,
And whether pigs have wings."


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