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Wednesday, January 17, 2024

The Harbinger of Things to Come

By Rich Kozlovich

As my regular readers know I subscribe to Geopolitical Futures receiving commentaries and reports daily.  This morning I received this report, 2024 Annual Forecast: Europe, from one of their excellent analysts, Antonia Colibasanu.  This is a subscription article so I will highlight what she's saying.

Strikes and demonstrations are nothing new for Europe, but two factors distinguish the latest bout: its transnational nature and its concentration in specific economic sectors. Farmers are or were recently protesting in Bulgaria, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Romania, while rail and other public transit employees have gone on strike in Bulgaria, Germany, Poland.....

Much of what's she's reporting involves this Russo/Ukrainian War, and the economics involved.  There are a lot of elections coming in 2024 in Europe, and Europeans are upset, the current leadership fears a conservative take over, and Russia's definitely interfering in every way they can, including massive misinformation efforts.  The economic conditions are causing massive unrest, and truthfully, all else she's reporting  reinforces in my mind my belief the EU will not be in existence by 2030, or even earlier.  

There's a major worldwide economic downturn on the horizon, and nothing is going stop it now.  They've dug themselves into a huge globalist World Economic Forum pit and are still digging, right along with China and Russia.  When one of them collapses economically, the rest will follow. 

In order to survive a nation needs six things. It must be able to:

  1. Feed itself.  Which Russia and China are capable of.  Europe, not so much.
  2. Fuel itself.  Only Russia is capable of that, both China and Europe are seriously energy needy, and Europe has chosen energy suicide with their idiotic green agenda. That's going to cause massive disruptive and long overdue change in their leadership. 
  3. Defend itself.  China and Russia can defend against attack, but Europe cannot without US involvement.
  4. Arm itself.  China can, while the quality may be in question, but Russia is now running out of that capability, and is buying arms for N. Korea and Iran.  How telling is that?
  5. Pay off its national debt.  Europe is drowning in red ink, with no hope of correction, and if there's a worldwide downturn, no hope of survival.  Russia had little of no debt at the beginning of this war, and now that's changing dramatically in order to maintain the needs of Russian society, and Putin's failing in that.  China's economy is nothing but smoke and mirrors and their true national debt must be massive.  If there's an economic collapse, none of them can pay off their debt, or even maintain the needs of their societies, as their banking systems will collapse. 
  6. Create it's own internal market.  Not a one of them have that capability, or at least enough to maintain their economies at anywhere near their current standard.  

There's only one nation on Earth that is capable of all six....if willing?  The US.   Even if the world's banking system collapses, the US can still survive intact.  Not at our current level of prosperity, but survive intact.   If what I believe is coming occurs, that's going to be the most acceptable solution.  As for Europe and Asia, expect to see massive Balkanization, especially in Europe, which is the natural historical order of things in Europe since the fall of Rome.  I also expect to see massive levels of violence as a result of Europe's insane immigration policies.  There's a penalty to be paid for their refusing to define things properly. 

What I haven't be able to come to a conclusion on is what will happen in South America.  They may actually survive intact.  My grandfather was a coal miner and owned a small farm.  Everything they ate came from the farm, and when the depression hit, he didn't notice it nearly as badly as most, since he didn't have anything to start with.  Thus, the less developed nations of the Earth will also not be as heavily impacted by a worldwide economic collapse.

Then there's Africa, which is a mess, and it pretty much doesn't matter what happens as most of Africa is in a permanent state of collapse with corruption at levels so massive they make Washington seem honest, and violence at levels that make San Francisco look like a peaceful paradise.  The impact of a worldwide economic collapse?  Minimal.  The violence and corruption will go on just as it usually does.

At least that's how it seems to me, but as the reporter in Charlie Wilson's War said:  We'll see!

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