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Thursday, September 24, 2020

The World As I See It: Breonna Taylor

By Rich Kozlovich

In my eclectic e-mail group, which I now call, Our Group, every issue that’s in the news is discussed daily.  Here is "My Take" on one of those issues. 

First and foremost, we should never be surprised when the media gets things wrong.  Especially when it comes to the issues of race, crime and the cops.    Andrea Widburg posted this piece on American Thinker today, The truth finally emerges about Breonna Taylor’s death, saying:

 The truth has finally emerged about Breonna Taylor’s death this past March. It turns out (surprise!) that the Democrat party – in Congress, in the media, and on the streets – has been lying………..The case begins with Breonna’s ex-boyfriend, Jamarcus Glover. The Louisville Courier-Journal delved deeply into that relationship, while the following is a summary.  Glover is an accused drug trafficker who is believed to be part of a large drug and weapons trafficking ring in Louisville. According to an affidavit, Glover went to Taylor’s apartment in January, left the apartment holding a package, and went straight to a “known drug house.”……….Taylor also seemed familiar with Glover’s world of drugs. …….. “If you choose bad companions, no one will believe that you are anything but bad yourself.”

Initially I was left with the impression from reports the police never knocked, nor identified themselves as they busted unannounced into the house giving reason for Jamarcus reason to "defend" is home, and, Breonna was laying in bed when police shot her.

This piece says otherwise:

"Evidence shows that officers both knocked and announced their presence at the apartmen"t……… "corroborated by an independent witness who was near in a proximity"… and Breonna Taylor wasn’t in her bed, in point of fact, “Taylor was standing at Walker’s side, and she knew or should have known that Walker was armed.””.  

But either way, the police were entering a house with a known drug dealer who was armed and started shooting, and shot one of the officers.  Are we to expect officers enforcing the law to be shot at and not respond in kind? 

Did he believe he was defending himself against other drug dealing criminals?  I have no idea, but neither Jamarcus Glover or Breonna Taylor were as innocent as presented by the media, if anything, the evidence seems to show the police actions were appropriate. 

Widburg follows up with this piece, The lack of Breonna Taylor indictments triggered riots all over the place, saying:

In June and July, it was still news (kind of) whenever we read that leftist mobs, inspired by anti-white racism and anti-American hatred, ran riot in the streets, screaming, destroying people’s businesses, and attacking anyone who got in their way, especially police officers……….Note, please, that this was no random mob. This was a carefully organized and well-financed mob:……..A parked U-Haul was waiting for the crowd up the street. It contains supplies such as signs, shields, water etc………Black Lives Matter protester succeeded in shooting two police officers, both of whom (thankfully) will survive. Louisville will likely survive, too, thanks to its proactive policies. It will not burn like Kenosha.

Meanwhile, the usual protests are taking place in other U.S. cities because that’s what the Democrat party’s paramilitary mob does: Hundreds of protesters gathered in downtown Chicago and various neighborhoods around the city to protest the lack of charges directly connected to Breonna Taylor’s shooting death.

And what about Biden and Harris, who want to lead America starting in 2020? They’re all in . . . for the mob. Even though the police did nothing wrong, these two panderers “are calling for policing reform.”

Here’s reality.  Police practices aren’t the issue.  The cultural practices in black America are.  Illegitimacy, crime, failure to take advantage of education, and the failure to take responsibility for their own actions are the real issues.  All of which are promoted by the race-industrial-complex of Democrats, Marxists and race baiting blacks, and a corrupt media.     

Definition leads to clarity.  

The police killings that have triggered riots were thugs with criminal histories.  Why are they rioting in support of them?  Because it's rare that honest, hard working, law abiding citizens, whether they're black, white, Asian, Latino, etc,  are being shot by the police.  That leaves thugs and criminals whose history and actions they attempt to whitewash to justify their claims of systematic police racism.  Furthermore, what's absolutely clear is these misfits are deliberately promoting, planning and implementing insurrection.  And that's defined as treason.  

Why is that so hard to grasp?

(Update: It appears two of the officers were shot.  Based of the false reporting one has to wonder if the media  wouldn't have preferred for all the officers to be shot, and then reported it as an act of "justice".  RK)

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