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Monday, September 21, 2020

Hello America, Joe Here!

By Rich Kozlovich

 Hello America, Joe here.  Here's what Kamala and I will to for America, if we're elected.

Save Obamacare. It was a disaster sure, but it will give the government needed control over Americans. 

Rescue USPS - We'll raise taxes, and give the unions more control to raise salaries and reduce service.  

Defend Civil Rights - We absolutely want more rights for special groups, but only those who vote for us. The NRA will be purged, Christians and Jews will be forced to accept values that are antithetical to their belief systems and Muslims will oversee that it's done. Force more diversity, especially on the Boards of Director to major corporations, even if they're illiterate and speak no English.   no matter how unqualified the people might be, even if they don't speak English. 

Support Unions - It will be important to re-establish the full force and power of the Wagner Act to force companies to accept unions and giving unlimited power to the NLRB, If necessary nationalize the companies, and whole industries if necessary.  Total support unless they stand against destroying jobs in the name of the environment. Kamala and I won't stand for that.

Repair Environmental Protections - If necessary, we will overturn the Constitution and eliminate property rights in the name of environmental scare mongering and junk science and give misfit environmental organizations veto power over every form of progress, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, lumber, building, and all forms of water use, land use, and air standards. Sign the Law of the Sea Treaty that gives total control over the world's oceans to the United Nations, including the quality of the water that comes out of our rivers into the sea.

Raise Minimum Wage - Sure, that will put a lot of people out of work, but since everything we represent will destroy the economy anyway, it won't matter.  

Restore Norms of Decency - Destroy the Judaic/Christian values the made America great, and eliminate conservatives, Republicans, and further follow our Civil Rights agenda to its fullest. Make government the supreme arbiter of morality.  

Rebuild International Relations - It's time America surrendered to China, Russia, the EU and the UN, and we're going to make it happen. Protect Voting Access - We will absolutely make sure illegal aliens and the dead have the right to vote Democrat. 

Establish Financial Safeguards - We must make it clear all the money belongs to the government so we must prevent anyone from keeping Congress form taxing, borrowing and spending without limit. Furthermore, we will make sure the banks will give loans to those who are totally unqualified to pay them back, provided they have privileged group status. 

Advance Green Energy - With enough black outs and brown outs, we'll can turn America into Venezuela! 

Thank you America for Voting Biden/Harris, and signing on to the the Democrat Party Policy Platform.  And we'll make sure Hillary Clinton takes Ruth Bader Ginsburg's place to guarantee the unrestricted right to continue murdering the unborn.   

In fact, there's a rumor Hillary called President Trump and told him she really wanted to take RBG's place.  It's also rumored he thought about it for a while and then said:  If it's okay with the funeral home, it's okay with me.

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