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Monday, September 14, 2020

Defunding the Defunders Who Facilitate Riots, Violence, and Anarchy

Will “defund/dismantle the police” jurisdictions file suits to demand that the federal dollars continue flowing unabated? Probably.  


President Trump recently issued a memorandum addressed to the attorney general and the director of the Office of anagement and Budget, ordering them to review the federal tax dollars being sent to jurisdictions that have permitted flagrant lawlessness and rioting to prevail in their streets for weeks—some, for months now—or which have taken steps to limit and/or defund their police forces.
Some pundits are prognosticating that the president’s order cannot be implemented. That remains to be seen.

It has been interesting, if deeply disturbing, to watch the “defund the police” movement play out in some of the country’s most progressive jurisdictions, even as they burn for lack of adequate enforcement and prosecutorial responses to rioting and looting. These are jurisdictions which, by and large, also proudly declared themselves sanctuaries for illegal aliens. When decoded, this simply means that they were, and are, willing to let aliens who commit serious crimes walk away from their booking stations and jails rather than turn them over to federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents.............To Read More......

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