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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Rotten smell from the left: Biden Democrats hurl eggs at small children at Trump rally

September 15, 2020 By Monica Showalter

No, it's not Portland...Out in Joe Biden's home state of Delaware, small children seem to be special targets for assault............

The picture depicted is that of a sweet little girl with a splatter of eggs and egg shells all through her hair. She was the biggest victim of a scrum of screaming Democrats who approached a group of small children attending a Lauren Witzke for Senate rally in Delaware, and then hurled eggs at the little ones. According to Red State:

Witzke explained that leftists drove by in a car and began throwing eggs at her. While other kids apparently also got hit, this little girl was hit the worst. The candidate explained that the girl wasn’t doing anything but standing there when the attack happened. Children. As targets. For assaults with flying projectiles, such as hard-shelled eggs, with messy interiors........................

it's not the first time in Delaware, either. Less than three weeks ago, the same sort of Democrats launched an assault on a seven year old boy, stealing his prized MAGA hat as the child cried and begged for them to return it, sadistically walking away with the hat and then flinging it into a fenced rail yard where the child could not retrieve it. The pair of assailants also stomped on the child's hand and made him cry............Seems they have a special attraction to attacking the most helpless.........Incredibly, neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris, nor any Democrat, has said a thing about these thugs........To Read More.....

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