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Friday, September 18, 2020

Democrats Descend To Appalling State Of Incivility

By Conrad Black Special to the Sun, September 15, 2020

Seven weeks from the 2020 election, American politics have reached such an appalling state of incivility that there is no precedent for it in American presidential history.

Of course, there was terrible acrimony between Jefferson and Hamilton, and by and against Andrew Jackson, and in the awful contentiousness leading up to and through the Civil War. Theodore Roosevelt called William Jennings Bryan a “logothete and a human trombone.” Many raved against Franklin D. Roosevelt as a communist.

As a young man, I was shocked to hear on the radio in 1956 someone say of President Eisenhower (whose memorial is being unveiled in Washington this week): “I cannot vote for a sick old man with one foot in the grave and the other in his mouth.” The Nixon era produced its own levels of opprobrium, ending in crowds singing “Jail to the chief,” and it became tiresome to hear Ronald Reagan described, in the words of Washington legal eminence Clark Clifford, as “an amiable dunce.”
None of this has prepared us for the sea-to-sea, round-the-clock mud-slinging of the 2020 campaign.

None of this has prepared us for the sea-to-sea, round-the-clock mud-slinging of the 2020 campaign.
I wrote last week how I was shocked that Peggy Noonan described President Trump in the Wall Street Journal on September 5 as “a malignancy metastasizing in the oval office.” A week later, she fell to mind-reading, as less distinguished journalists and indifferent historians frequently do, and announced that the president, a graduate of the New York Military Institute and the greatest White House friend the American military has had at least since General Eisenhower, believes with the elder son of the Godfather (in the famous Coppola film), that people who join the armed forces are fools because their personal interests are not directly involved..........To Read More....

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