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Monday, September 14, 2020

The Left's New Martyrology

September 14, 2020  By Civis Americanus

Left-wing extremists are emulating the Brownshirts of 1930s Germany.  This means specifically (1) identification of convenient martyrs to the Cause like Horst Wessel and (2) exploitation of the purported martyrdoms to incite mindless violence including murder, pillage, arson, and riot along with desecration of places of worship.

Wessel was an up-and-coming leader of the Brownshirts when he was murdered by Germany's counterpart of Antifa, the Communist KPD and Red Front Fighters' League, whose slogan was "Strike the fascists wherever you find them."  The communists' opposition to fascism, while obviously laudable, did not however make the communists good people, either.

Two violent gangs of evildoers fought each other, and the Nazis unfortunately came out on top.  I say "unfortunately" because, while communists have proven themselves equally willing to commit mass murder as shown by Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, and Pol Pot, the Nazis were more competent at it. While Hitler used Germany's professional officer corps to his advantage, Stalin purged and decimated his to leave Russia relatively defenseless against Operation Barbarossa............... More

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