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Monday, September 14, 2020

Europe’s coronavirus second wave

There has been considerable reporting about a second wave of the Wuhan coronavirus in Europe. The reporting reflects increases, often significant ones, in new reported cases in many European countries.
However, so far and for the most part, the number of new reported cases is much lower than it was in the early Spring, even though there is probably more testing going on now. And the increase in the number of deaths attributed to the virus so far is very small.

Belgium was probably the European nation hit hardest by the first wave of the virus. By June, the number of new reported cases there was negligible and virtually no one was dying from the virus. (All numbers used in this post are from Worldometer.)

Now, the number of new reported cases in Belgium is up to almost two-thirds of what it was at the peak in April. This has been true for a month. Yet, virtually no one is dying as a result. There’s a good chance that this will change, but if the second wave were as deadly as the first, I think we would already be seeing an increase in deaths.

The pattern in the UK is very much the same as in Belgium. It was also hit hard in the Spring, saw cases diminish sharply in mid-Summer, and for the past month is reporting about two-thirds of the peak number. Yet, virtually no deaths are being attributed to the virus........To Read More....

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