Saturday, May 18, 2019

Baltimore: Black-Run America

Baltimore Mayor Catherine Pugh resigned last week after a corruption scandal. Miss Pugh is accused of making hundreds of thousands of dollars through a suspicious book deal with the University of Maryland Medical System. The black mayor sat on its board, which gave her a fat, no-bid deal on a children’s book.

The book, Healthy Holly, was widely and humorously mocked, and does not appear to have had any retail sales at all, but Miss Pugh made an estimated $800,000 from bulk purchases by groups that had reason to want good relations with city government. The university medical system alone bought 100,000 copies, of which 40,000 were never delivered to the hospital. Miss Pugh also got a huge discount on her house, thanks to a company that bought Healthy Holly in bulk.

At first, Miss Pugh defended herself. She held a bizarre press conference where she displayed baby bibs. Miss Pugh claimed the bibs were created along with her books to improve the health of toddlers. The only apparent health advantage of the bibs were the words “Let’s Eat Healthy” printed on them.
The press conference failed to stop criticism, and the mayor spent the entire month of April hiding. She claimed she had pneumonia and needed a rest. The FBI raided her home on April 25, and a week later she resigned. To the end, Miss Pugh had supporters who thought she did no wrong. Some of them held a prayer circle on her lawn the day before she resigned. All of the circlers were black............

Baltimore has become a by-word for failure and violence. It’s also a city where nearly all of its leaders are black. It has had only one white mayor in 30 years. It’s the fifth-blackest major city in the nation, at 65 percent.

Charm City once had charm, but all the whites left. Now its only claim to fame is sports teams cheered on by suburban whites. Baltimore is a perfect example of black-run America.............To Read More....

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