Friday, May 24, 2019

Socialism, as Cuba and Venezuela societies demonstrate, is unaffordable. It’s all a scam!

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Everything Democrats propose or do, is a cheap scam for power, to convince Americans we should accept socialism, under the leadership of the really stupid, who believe ‘enlightened’ society will better prosper under their guidance. They propose that Marxism should trump the rule of law once set in the concert of the Constitution now, all but challenged as out of date.
The Democrats newest scam, the “Equality Act” aka: the Defend Sodom and Gomorrah act, is just another sneak attack on Christianity, the basis of our moral existence.
Literally, it is an attempt to disenfranchise the Christian faith, by law, and neutralize the people who believe, as simple folk who shouldn’t be allowed to vote. Christianity has survived longer than Marxism.
The act will also create a vast pool of potential victims for the pedophiles, perverts and molesters who seek leadership in the Scouting programs, the Boys and Girls clubs, Little League, Pop Warner football, and any place children congregate while they pass through a child’s life into responsible adulthood. They will have a field day. Imagine a merit badge for transgender dressing, anatomy studies and hands on experiences with qualified adults. How about gay males in women’s sports just because they say they identify as female? The Equality Act will protect them! That’s absolutely sick.
The lunacy can’t pass the Senate let alone the Presidents desk.............Like flowing water, Socialism seeks the easiest path to its destination, usually always bloody, through subjugation of its dissenters, terrorizing the masses, and wealth transfer by extreme taxation, all supported by a police state that quickly runs roughshod when no rules of legal procedure exist. Searches without warrant, arrests and interrogations without counsel, are all part and parcel of the totalitarian police state. That’s what Democrats are aiming for.. ..............To Read More....

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