Monday, May 20, 2019

Three Cheers for Nigel Farage

The hopeless Theresa May, alas, has learned not a thing from him.

byJed Babbin May 20, 2019

In one of those minor coincidences of history, May 23 is “red nose day” and election day in the European Union when voters in twenty-eight countries— including the United Kingdom — will choose the European Union’s next parliament.

Red Nose Day is when people wear clown noses to demonstrate against child poverty. UK Prime Minister Theresa May should wear a clown nose to her polling place in that election because she had promised that Brexit would be accomplished before the election.

Black holes are objects in space that have such powerful gravitational fields that nothing, not even light, can escape. Back here on earth “Brexit” has, because of May’s stubborn ineptitude, become a black hole that has swallowed the UK’s politics and from which it will not soon escape.

May succeeded former PM David Cameron after his “Conservative” side lost the 2016 public referendum on EU membership. (I use the quotation marks around “Conservatives” because they are an embarrassment to the name.) Cameron’s “Conservatives” campaigned to remain in the EU, but voters — by a 52%-48% — decided to leave the EU..................

May and her allies have conducted a fear campaign to convince UK voters of the danger of leaving the EU. They’ve insisted that a virtual crash of the UK’s economy will occur if it leaves the EU without May’s deal, which is far too favorable to the EU..........To Read More.....

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