Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Calming Feeling as Jew-Hate Now Takes Deeper Root in the Democrat Party

A party loses what soul it had left.

May 19, 2019

Ilhan Omar (D-MN) accused Israel of hypnotizing the world. That lie, which seems to have permeated the Somali Muslim community, initially outraged Democrats no less than it did Republicans. If Israel is so good at hypnotizing the world, why does it never win a vote in the United Nations, the vile sewer where that very “world” congregates to lynch Israel regularly?

Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) has logged tomes of anti-Israel and anti-Jewish tweets and rhetoric. Those tweets initially outraged Democrats no less than they did Republicans. And then the Democrats started counting votes. They figured out three things:
  1. There are more anti-Jewish votes on the Intersectionality Left — a Democrat base — than there are Jews or supporters of Israel.
  2. A segment of Jewish liberals are so assimilated out of their Judaic heritage and are so bereft of serious Judaic learning, culture, and simple Jewish self-respect that they are tucked away safely in the Democrats’ pocket no matter what, and they will keep voting for and giving money to Democrats even on the way to being exiled from the party… and worse.
  3. Michigan was lost in 2016, but only by a smidgeon, and we may as well make a play for the anti-Jewish vote that Rashida Tlaib can help us win over.............To Read More.... 


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