Monday, May 20, 2019

Getting To Know Senator Sanders, in His Own Words

Editorial of The New York Sun | May 19, 2019

Could it be that the Fates sent us Senator Bernie Sanders to remind Americans why President Reagan was such a unifying president? We know, there are, even today, those who think of Reagan as a right-wing troglodyte. Clarity eludes them, even via hindsight. Yet the Gipper won his first term by carrying 44 states, his second with 49 states. Reagan finally brought our fractious polity together.

What prompts this rumination is the extraordinary interview the New York Times issued today with the Socialist senator. If it doesn’t scupper his chances at winning the presidency, we don’t know what will. It recounts Mr. Sanders currying favor with the Soviets and their hench-regimes in our hemisphere. “I did my best to stop American foreign policy,” the Times quotes the senator as saying.

It’s not our purpose to suggest that Mr. Sanders is a traitor or otherwise disloyal to his country, even if he pursued that his anti-American foreign policy while the communists were on the march. A lot of Americans, many of them perfectly patriotic, fetched up in the peace camp. What we’ve always said is that what matters is whether time has brought understanding............To Read More....

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