Saturday, May 18, 2019

Rules for white people

May 18, 2019 By Michael James

Old news to you, but I just found out NETFLIX produces a show titled “Dear White People”. How quaint -- another aerobically airheaded mental exercise in doling out privilege to some while presenting a forum to spread blame throughout the larger society. Just what the country needs..........Without rules I might find myself robbing and beating people at stupendous discount; I might even find myself over-represented in penal institutions.

My wife knows the rules, so when a girl’s night out ends up at MacDonald’s she and the other womey’s rarely pull each other’s hair and beat the snot out of each other while men stand around screaming “World Star.”.............Without rules I might write and produce songs about hos and b***hes, educate my children with them, and then pretend those children will be future leaders of the community.

White people aren’t all saints, but people who live in glass ghettoes shouldn’t throw pipe bombs while watching each other crayon over all the lines a polite society employs to safeguard civility and harmony............. Read more

My Take - Okay, so why is there a rules for white people show and not a rules for black people show?  Because everyone knows - making rules for blacks is a waste of time as they have no respect for rules or others.  Including their own race. What's worse, they might riot and burn down the studio what makes the show and attack the people involved.  Now that's a rule for black people that has traction. 

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