Saturday, May 25, 2019

What Part of ‘Leave’ Don’t They Understand?

By | 23rd, 2019

To prove one’s progressive credentials, one could do worse than to purchase a milkshake from an ostensibly detested fast-food corporation, douse a politician deemed a threat to the cause, and applaud oneself via the gleeful approval of Burger King. This week, British progressives have underlined their helpless vacuity by doing just that.  

Paul Crowther, 32, whose internet history I suspect would wilt steel, drenched Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage in milkshake because he doesn’t quite agree with Farage’s views...........

One kindred spirit, however, expressed her dismay at the act of milkshaking.  Ruth Townsley, of Happy City UK, a charity which campaigns to bolster happiness and wellbeing, wasn’t too pleased with Crowther’s assault.  “I prefer acid, but, milkshakes will do, for now,” she tweeted........... To Read More...

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