Friday, May 24, 2019

Democrats Toss Women Athletes Under the Bus

May 24, 2019 By Brian C. Joondeph

Democrats love to portray themselves as the party of women. The website proclaims proudly, “We are committed to ensuring full equality for women.”

Yet this past week, House Democrats voted unanimously to, appropriating a phrase from Joe Biden, put women back in chains. Not as slaves, but in competitive sports, giving them second class stature by tilting the playing field so far askew that most women will fall off the field and be unable to compete fairly in sports.

The US House of Representatives passed the Equality Act, “which would require schools to include male athletes who identify as transgender girls on female sports teams”, throwing biological women competing as such under the bus.

This bill amends the 1964 Civil Rights Act to protect “sexual orientation and gender identity” under federal anti-discrimination law. It all sounds fine and compassionate until one looks at the practical implications.

At a humorous level in the workplace, it will allow guys who look like John Candy or John Belushi to claim they are a woman and demand to work as a Hooters server or a Playboy bunny. I’m sure that’s not the intent of the bill............Read more

My Take - This isn't about equality, it's about destroying the foundational morality of a nation, the destruction of the American identity, the destruction of the American culture, overturning the Constitution and the destruction of the United States.  This groups who are "favored' my the left are nothing more than pawn to be used and discarded as they see fit.

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