Wednesday, May 22, 2019

Abortion Bans: Let’s Have the Fight

The Alabama abortion ban is the pro-life side’s call to arms, and good for them.

by May 21, 2019

Since last week, when Alabama joined several other states — Georgia, Mississippi, and Ohio among them — in passing a bill seeking to greatly restrict legal abortions within its borders, the Left has gone almost completely berserk in protest.

This wasn’t a surprise, since to the Left abortion is akin to a religious sacrament and extremism in support of ending the lives of the unborn is no longer a vice (nor moderation a virtue) to them. When Planned Parenthood is exposed as running an underground marketplace for the chopped-up remains of aborted babies and the response is to kill, or at least arrest, the messenger, when a movie telling the true story of a Planned Parenthood manager who had a crisis of confidence surrounding the organization’s practices and became pro-life has to be deleted from theatres, when activists are running free on social media with hashtags like #ShoutYourAbortion… you would expect a normal political movement to hustle to rein itself in for fear of losing the high ground with the American people.

The pro-abort Left has done none of this. Instead, it celebrated a bill in New York that would functionally legalize abortion all the way through pregnancy — with that state’s governor lighting the Freedom Tower pink in tribute. And in Virginia a Democrat legislator, with the backing of that state’s horrifically inappropriate governor, brought a bill which would have essentially legalized infanticide. That one, thankfully, did not pass............To Read More.......

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