Saturday, May 9, 2015

EPA, Bed Bugs and More Activity as a Substitute for Accomplishment, Part V

By Rich Kozlovich

On May 7, 2015 Jeryl Bier penned an article in the Weekly Standard entitled, EPA Commits $100K to 'Addressing Bed Bugs in Rural Alaska'”  saying Alaska is well known for its wolves, bears, and moose, but the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has set its sights on a considerably smaller creature: the bed bug. The EPA is prepared to award a grant of up to $100,000 to help Alaska Native Village communities to right bed bug infestations by "break[ing] down barriers to effective bed bug management."

 Breaking down barriers to effective management?  What kind of clabber is that? 

The PJ Tatler noted the silliness of that statement sarcastically saying, "Religious and world leaders have long noted that humanity won’t truly be able to begin healing and evolve until the barriers to effective bug management are broken down.”  They went on to call the USEPA “a night stick wielded by the president (especially the current one) to create cash flow for certain interest groups or, in this case, to simply throw money away.  They continued, “You can also almost be assured that in these hard-to-satirize times there’s someone in D.C. screaming that $100,000 for rural Alaskan bedbugs isn’t enough.”

According to Bier’s article this is a two year project stating in October and will be a test case and resource for similar programs elsewhere in Alaska.”  Is the PJ Tatler right?  Do I smell the odor of money being wasted and this lays the groundwork for more future wasted money and more activity as a substitute for accomplishment? 

The program requires the participants to:

“Identify appropriate roles of various organizations and regulatory agencies with respect to bed bugs.   

Does that mean they don’t already know who’s responsible for all of this in Alaska?  From that statement are we to assume Alaskan's are to take advice from a federal agency that is unaware of who runs things in Alaska.  Did I understand that correctly?  Did I miss something in the translation from EPA to English?  They go on saying:

 “Identify the bed bug treatment, education, and outreach services needed in rural Alaska”. 

I love this “identify, educate and reach out” clabber they spew out to promote more ineffective, incompetent activity.  We already know what works, and the only education they need is to pick the right pest control company.   

"Provide communities in rural Alaska with effective tools and accurate information to address bed bugs when an infestation occurs”. 

If they were so concerned about effective tools we they wouldn’t have schemed to have “effective” tools like Dursban and Ficam taken off the market with that irrational and unscientific piece of Machiavellian legislation known as the Food Quality Protection Act. 

Use integrated pest management principles in the approach to dealing with bed bugs.  Bier went on to say, quoting the EPA, Specific activities may include creating "culturally appropriate educational materials, providing supplies "such as interceptors, laundry bags", developing a "village action plan" to deal with outbreaks, and "identify[ing] how pesticides for bed bugs are being used and disposed of throughout the state."

Here we go again.  It never ends with these people.   Culturally appropriate education materials?  What the heck does that mean?  More wasted money, more activity as a substitute for accomplishment in order to divert the finger of blame from those responsible for this plague in the first place – the USEPA. 
As for Integrated pest management (IPM) in structural pest control – That’s nothing more than more EPA clabber.  There is no such thing as IPM in structural pest control.  IPM is an agricultural concept based on the logical foundation of threshold limits.  What’s the logical foundation for IPM in structural pest control?  There is none!  If there is no logical foundation it doesn’t exist, except the federal government demands we believe it exists, therefore it exist illogically.  That can only mean that IPM in structural pest control is a faith based initiative, and green pest control borders on neo-pagan mysticism, and both are ambiguous with ended definitions. 

As for an action plan – how’s this? Spray the residences with effective inexpensive pesticides that are available to everyone.    

When the boys came back from WWII in 1945 bed bugs were ubiquitous.  Why? Because they were there when they left!  The difference was the boys came back with DDT and America became the first society in all of human history to eliminate bed bugs.  The answer in 1946 was effective, inexpensive chemistry that was available to everyone, and if that’s not the answer in 2015 there will be no answer than there was when I said it in 2009. 

This is just one more reason to abolish the EPA.  My friend Dr. Jay Lehr, one of the founders of EPA, has said the EPA hasn’t done anything worthwhile since 1980 and has published a five year plan for dismantling and replacing it.  That's a plan long overdue. 

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