Monday, May 18, 2015

American Jews: The Last Leftist Jews in the World

May 18, 2015 by Daniel Greenfield

Clip on a nametag, pick up a paper cup of lukewarm water and you can sit down in the audience at a thousand liberal Jewish establishment panels where the likes of Peter Beinart or Jeffrey Goldberg will sanctimoniously lecture their bored audience on the growing gap between American Jews and Israel.  Yawn through the usual references to “settlements”, “democratic character” and “one state solution.” Wake up just in time for the sales pitch for J Street and tough love BDS for the Jewish State.
And then go out and get some fresh air.....To Read More.....

My Take - Another insightful and well done article. It isn't just Jews though. The phenomenon of leftism motivating people to work diligently - and often times virulently - against their own best interests simply baffles me. The recent riots in Baltimore and Ferguson are examples of leftist failures.  Yet instead of accepting traditional values and rejecting all that’s failed the “leaders” of these communities demand more of what’s destroyed their community. What could possibly convince them to be so totally illogical? I would love to see an analysis of the psyche of these people who are so irrational and morally defective while claiming they stand on the moral high ground. The only logical explanation I can find is twofold. The leadership is totally corrupt and the membership is insane.

That’s the story that needs told!

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