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Pam Geller: An American hero

Posted by Mychal Massie @ MychalMassie’s Daily Rant and @ World Net Daily

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I like my fellow WND columnist Pam Geller, because she, like myself, is willing to speak the truth regardless of whose feathers it ruffles. She has more b—s than any 10 men, and she darn sure has more than Obama. She should be applauded for what her Muhammad cartoon contest accomplished.

Whether intentional or not, she was singularly responsible for drawing Muslim cockroaches out of the shadows where they multiply and eventually overrun a property based on their reproductive rates and difficulty to eradicate. Her cartoon contest turned out to be the exact pie crumbs needed to draw them from their hiding place in the shadows for purposes of extermination.

Furthermore, Pam Geller proved unequivocally that the Obama administration is made up of pernicious liars led by the chief of liars – Obama himself. We were told there was no need to fear ISIS. We were told Obama had everything under control and that there was nothing ISIS could do that he and his Muslim-stacked administration could not protect us from. Obama and his bureau of agitprop, i.e., the mainstream media, also assured us it was only the radical Muslims who were guilty of this type of murderous behavior.

President George W. Bush started the damnable and fallacious idea of “radical Islam.” The idea of “radical Islam” was a lie when Bush first uttered it during a televised speech, just as it is today when Obama, John Kerry, Hillary Clinton, et al. pontificate pursuant to same.

As Usama K. Dakdok and Brigitte Gabriel have repeatedly stated, there is no such thing as radical Islam; there is just Islam. Every day we witness more evidence that Pastor Dakdok and Gabriel are telling the truth and that Bush, Obama, Kerry and the mainstream media are not to be trusted.

Those like Donald Trump want our First Amendment guarantee to free speech constrained to be: “Free to say only what those like Trump approve.”

Had not Pam Geller drawn murderous Muslims out of the cracks and darkness, we would have had to wait until they attacked us to know where they were. Obama, with the mainstream media parroting his lies that we have nothing to fear from Muslims, would continue to lie just as he has done about Obamacare. You know: “If you like your health insurance you can keep it” and “your premiums will not go up.”

How dare Trump and those who share his vile heterodoxy tell you and me what we can say about Muslims?

Why weren’t these very same people the least bit disturbed or even interested when Jesus was depicted as a homosexual? I recall neither liberals nor Muslims being upset by Andres Serrano’s 1987 “P-ss Christ,” which was a photograph of a crucifix submerged in the so-called artist’s own urine.

I do not recall Obama, his media sycophants, or Muslims showing any interest when Gottfried Heinwein painted the “Adoration of the Magi,” in 1996, which depicted the Baby Jesus as Adolf Hitler. There was no condemnation from Obama in 1999 over “The Holy Virgin Mary,” depicted as a black woman, covered in elephant dung, with a background of the most vulgar displays of pornography. Where were the media’s obsequious geldings then?

Pam Geller did America a favor, and her contest saved the lives of no telling how many innocent Americans. But it is obvious that saving American lives and freedom of speech take a back seat when it comes to appeasing the Muslim menace.

The politically correct pride themselves in not offending those who would destroy our country and way of life in a nanosecond the moment the opportunity presents itself.

It is my contention that America is too tolerant of Muslims. Muslims are the only group of people in the world who have declared war on the people and country of America. Muslims are the only group of people who have slaughtered Americans and people the world over for no reason whatsoever.

How many more people and countries must experience unprovoked attacks and death before neo-Leninist statists will cease coddling Muslims? I have said it many times that before I give Muslims respect, I want them publicly condemning the acts by those who belong to their cult.

Those like Pam Geller deserve your respect and your support because we are willing to speak the truth, fight the good fight, and we do not give a rat’s tail what some crazed followers of a child-molesting heathen think. Muhammad is no more of a prophet than chicken droppings are hors d’oeuvres.

Muslims and those who seek to appease them can call Americans who care about America Islamophobic or whatever they want. The truth is its own defense, and the truth is that it isn’t Christians burning people alive in cages, raping prepubescent little girls, disfiguring wives and daughters, and murdering their family members who dare to disobey the pagan edicts of their make-believe prophet – it is Muslims.

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