Monday, May 18, 2015

‘Whoever Disbelieves, Strike Off His Head'

May 18, 2015 by Raymond Ibrahim

All throughout February, Copts the largest Christian minority in the Middle East, were slaughtered. Around mid-February, the Islamic State released a video depicting 21 Coptic Christians being decapitated. The executions took place in Libya, another nation along with Syria and Iraq where the Islamic State has carved a niche for itself. While holding their victims’ bodies down, Islamic State members shoved their fingers in the Christians’ eyes, craned their heads back, and sliced away at their throats with knives—all in the name of Allah and Islam, even as the slaughtered called out on the “Lord Jesus Christ.”…….. Also in February it was revealed that Egypt’s Al Azhar University — seen by many as Sunni Islam’s most authoritative voice — continues to incite enmity for and violence against non-Muslims “infidels.”The Islamic university was exposed as offering free of charge “a book,” in the words of an Egyptian secular critic, “whose latter half and every page—indeed every few lines—ends with “whoever disbelieves [“infidels”] strike off his head.”…….Approximately 250 Christians—including women and children—were taken hostage. The majority, around 230, are still being held. The Islamic State is demanding 23 million USD to release them. If the exorbitant ransom is not met, and based on precedent, the Christian hostages will likely be enslaved, raped, and or simply slaughtered…..To Read More….
My TakeFor an American the idea of a religious war is anathema. Americans simply don’t see life in that way. Well, get over it because that’s what this is – a religious war - and those who are doing the killing are the ones defining this war and deciding whether or not to conduct this war. Those who refuse to see this for what it is are doomed because of a failure to properly define what’s happening. They're not "Islamist extermists"!  They're Islam!  And as long as the west continues without this proper distinction and definition there will be no clarity. Without clarity there will be no understanding. Without understanding the lack of good decision making will continue.  As a result there will be no peace.

Everything else is illusionary.


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