Sunday, May 17, 2015

Anti-GMO movement exposed for the destructive force they are

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Ppoignant, outraged article appeared on the blog The Progressive Contrarian a few months ago, and we’re sorry we missed it. But the topic — GMO food and the agenda- and superstition-based antipathy to it — will not disappear, indeed it becomes daily more controversial, so it bears re-emphasis.
The piece entitled The dark side of the anti-GMO movement, describes the problem of malnutrition in the Third World, and how one investigator and his small group of scientists has developed a biotech variety of rice to counter one common vitamin deficiency. The focus of the article is the well-funded anti-science, anti-human campaign against this advance led by Greenpeace, which has impeded the final steps needed to get this lifesaving Golden Rice out to the infants and children who need it most.....To Read More.....

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