Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Rebutting the Lefts Continuous Accusations of Racism

January 27, 2014 by David Risselada
Forward: The information used in this article comes from a position paper I wrote in response to an essay called “White Male, White Privilege.” The essay is available for review at The Radical Conservative. The position I took concerning racism and social justice prompted my professors to claim I wasn’t fit for the field of social work because the whole educational curriculum revolved around the idea of White America oppressing blacks and other minorities, which you know is something I write about quite often. We simply must be ready at a moment’s notice to rebut these claims of racism with facts, and we mustn’t be afraid to educate others about them as well. Its overwhelmingly obvious that the agenda is to cause racial strife while claiming that blacks and other minorities are systematically oppressed. We all know this isn’t true.
Earlier this week, Attorney General EricHolder once again claimed that the United States of America is a nation of cowards when it comes to the issue of race.  Holder originally made this comment in 2009, and in a recent interview, after being asked if he would take it back, refused to do so. He continues to maintain the position that minorities are oppressed by the white male, and Americas society and cultural norms have nothing but negative impacts on minorities and women. This is just another lame example of how the left projects their failures onto the rest of us and uses race as an excuse for everything. This week we also heard the president accuse America as a whole for not liking him because he is black. This was based on his rapidly diminishing popularity; we also heard him blame Rush Limbaugh for people not liking him. As if we are all like little democratic voters, running around looking for someone to tell us what to think. President Obama and Eric Holder would have you believe that capitalism and our constitution are why we have a divided society when in truth; it is their racial identity politics that leaves this nation more polarized than it has been in decades.......Read the rest here:

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