Monday, January 13, 2014

Is FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler for or against Net Neutrality? Yes

by Wayne Crews on January 11, 2014

In what the Washington Post referred to as Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Tom Wheeler’s strongest endorsement yet of net neutrality, he said:
Public policy should protect the great driving force of the open Internet: how it allows innovation without permission…. This is why it is essential that the FCC continue to maintain an open Internet and maintain the legal ability to intervene promptly and effectively in the event of aggravated circumstances.
Other outlets regard Wheeler’s recent pronouncements as being more ambiguous. Does he favor the right to offer variations in prices and services, or not? [Editor’s Note:  That answer is a logical fallacy known as the If By Whiskey Fallacy]....... There are at least 15 reasons I insist net neutrality is poor philosophy, economics, law, policy and politics, and I hope FCC staff and policymakers disinclined toward regulation will take a look at them (below)……To Read More……
Part 1: Net Neutrality vs. Infrastructure Wealth
Part 2: An Alternative Case for Agency Neutrality
Part 3: The FCC’s Disdain for Markets
Part 4: FCC Order Creates Political Vulnerability for All Market Participants
Part 5: The Fallacies Motivating Net Neutrality
Part 6: Does “Market Failure” Demand Neutrality Regulation?
Part 7: Mandatory Dumb Pipes? But Why Sacrifice Genius?
Part 8: The Essential Elements of Non-Destructive Rulemaking
Part 9: How to Expand Consumer Choice and Access to Content
Part 10: Who’s Discriminating Online?
Part 11: The Inappropriateness of Compulsory Transparency
Part 12: Why Net Neutrality Threatens Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
Part 13: What FCC Should Do Now
Part 14: What Should Congress Do About Net Neutrality?
Part 15: Can We Please End This. Please.

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