Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Missing the Constitution, Part 2: The Government Says We Can’t

by Rebecca Wilde
We have not, for the most part, really noticed that we lost the Constitution. It was there when I was a little girl and a teenager in the 1960′s and 1970′s, so far as I knew. It had been under assault for awhile, but I didn’t know that. My parents and teachers taught me basic civics, and I understood that we had the Constitution so we could read what we wanted to and go to church and not get dragged off and shot in the night as happened in the Soviet Union.
Little by little, we’ve lost much since then. I have watched it. It did not start with Roe vs. Wade, but that is when I was old enough to notice it. Even as a pre-teen, I understood that the Supreme Court had created a law for everybody because the judges wanted it that way. I suspected that it was in order to limit the population, since a lot of people thought we had too many people, though that concern was not a constitutionally valid reason for overturning the laws of fifty states. The Supreme Court was meant to protect our constitutional rights, but it cannot do that if justices dictate law drawn from penumbras, emanations, personal preferences or values, or even foreign law. It is a powerful branch of government, and when its members rule us, that is tyranny…..To Read More……..

My Take - The author says it would be difficult getting the Constitution back.  Tell me the history and I will give you the answer!  Every subject, issue, problem or value has a foundational logic, or lack thereof.  Find that foundation, or the failure to develop a logical foundation, and you begin to have clarity.  Once the facts are established we have understanding.  Only then can we have good decision making! 
Here’s the answer! 
If the sixteenth and seventeenth amendments were repealed it would become infinitely easier.   Don’t know what 16 and 17 say?  Personally researching a subject is a good opportunity for personal growth and enlightenment.   Best wishes!

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