Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Either a very stupid man or perhaps someone incapable of reading a text for meaning or perhaps maybe even something else

January 19, 2014
If this is what Ronald Radosh really thinks Diana West was saying in American Betrayal, he is either a very stupid man or is incapable of reading a text for meaning. This is from his letter to The New Criterion:
She asserts, time and time again, that decisions—particularly those made by fdr—which affected the Soviet–U.S. military alliance were made because the United States was an occupied power, its government controlled by Kremlin agents who had infiltrated the Roosevelt administration and subverted it.
Not in any way did any such thought enter my head as I read the book. Nothing could be farther from my mind than such an assertion. France was an occupied power. American was not an occupied power, only one whose foreign policy direction was heavily influenced by Soviet interests because there were Soviet agents right at the centre of the decision-making process. Radosh is so blatantly wrong as a reading of what West wrote that stupidity or some kind of malicious intent are both possible reasons for what he wrote. So let us turn to a sentence Radosh does agree with, which is a sentence he took from Andrew McCarthy:…..To ReadMore…..

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