Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Wanted: manly virtue

John Hayward |
Rich Cromwell writes a lively discussion of our culture’s attempts to deal with manly virtue at The Federalist, inspired by a hilariously funny advertisement that shows a guy desperately trying to recapture his masculinity after using a feminine product in the shower:……Part of the masculinity gap is due to the diminished role of men in the lives of so many children, an inevitable result of rising divorce and illegitimacy. The decreasing importance of marriage changes the role of men. In times past, fidelity to wife and children was an important masculine virtue, contributing to a man’s portfolio of respectability. In a post-marriage world, the contribution of fathers to family honor – indeed, the idea of families having an honorable reputation that spans generations – is less important. On a purely practical level, illegitimacy and divorce mean kids spend less time with their fathers. The sub-cultures in which paternal influence is most consistently absent have clearly suffered for it……The constant pressure to eliminate the distinctions between women and men naturally leads to less appreciation for distinct feminine and masculine virtues; it is controversial even to speak of such things, especially when discussing the masculine. Of course, as Rich Cromwell observed, biology remains in effect……Manly virtue is a matter of living up to certain expectations, and that idea is antithetical to a socialist political culture of dependency and despair. No one is expected to live up to anything. It is considered heartless and cruel to ask anything of the dependency class……... If [a real man] found it necessary to accept public assistance, he would try to get away from it as quickly as possible. That means prudence and self-discipline, not food stamp-funded vacations to Disneyworld.….To Read More…..

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