Friday, January 17, 2014

"American Betrayal" Around the World

Written by:Diana West Wednesday, January 15, 2014 (This originally appeared here), a news site described to me as "Russian libertarian" (yes, you read right), has included me among 20 "important American conservatives." I tossed the site's Russian-language write-up into Google Translate to learn this recognition comes due to American Betrayal.
It is wonderful to see how far and wide American Betrayal has already traveled -- as far as Australia, where a positive review is now the top featured article online in the January 2014 issue of Quadrant, edited by Keith Windshuttle, and now even to Russia. I recently learned that a Polish-language translation of American Betrayal will be coming out as well. Meanwhile, the same old tiny band of anti-American Betrayal extremists is still having group-conniptions in the latest issue of The New Criterion (too boring to link to).
Here is what had to say (Google translation below): 5. Диана Уэст (Diana West). Самой обсуждаемой правоконсервативной книгой года стало, конечно, «Американское предательство». Уэст, известная прежде всего критикой инфантилизма поп-культуры и попустительства исламскому проникновению на Запад, опубликовала яростную (и подтверждённую многими документами) атаку на демократическую администрацию Рузвельта. Объектом разоблачения стало нежелание демократов 30-40-х противостоять коммунистическому влиянию и отстаивать американские интересы во Второй Мировой. Заодно Уэст воспела борцов с коммунизмом, от Мартина Дайса до Джо Маккарти и предупредила — нынешняя администрация повторяет ошибки 40-х, но уже по отношению к исламу. В среде умеренных республиканцев и экс-левых книга вызвала негодование. Ветераны Холодной войны и эксперты по исламу, напротив, оценили «Предательство» высоко. Но за такую оживлённую дискуссию среди консерваторов Уэст точно надо поблагодарить.
5. The most discussed book of the year was the right-wing conservative , of course, "American betrayal ." West, best known for criticizing the infantilism of pop culture and condoning Islamic penetration of the West , published a furious ( and confirmed many documents ) attack on the Democratic Roosevelt administration . Object revelations was the unwillingness of Democrats 30 -40s resist communist influence and defend American interests in the Second World War. At the same time West sang fighters against communism , from Martin Dies to Joe McCarthy and warned - the current administration is repeating the mistakes the '40s, but in relation to Islam. In an environment of moderate Republicans and ex- leftists book provoked outrage. Cold War veterans and experts on Islam , on the contrary , appreciated the " betrayal" high. But for such a lively debate among conservatives West just need to thank .
How very nice. Here is the list.

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