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Saturday, September 17, 2011

With Our Own Values They Destroy Us, Part III

By Rich Kozlovich

This is part of a long term work on my part dealing with the green movement and the rights of the American people as most would normally understand it under the U.S. Constitution.  That has become problematic. Here is the second video in a series.

We have to understand just how much land is controlled by the government and Non Governmental Agencies (NGOs). The goal of the green movement is to destroy the very fabric of life in America in order to impose total control over humanity.  The only thing that stands in their way is the U.S. Constitution and the American economy.  Both of which they work diligently to destroy with regulations, legislation.   And then there are the foreign treaties; which the U.S. Supreme Court under Oliver Wendell Holmes ruled took precedence over the Constitution. It starts with destroying personal property rights.

Green and Problems of Democracy
Green and Problems of Democracy, Part I
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Green and Problems of Democrcy, Part III
With Our Own Values They Destroy Us.
With Our Own Values They Destroy Us, Part II
With Our Own Values They Destroy Us, Part III


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