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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

All That it Takes is Vision and Courage

Rich Kozlovich

J. Johnson from the British Iles again sent some worthwhile links for Green Notes. For those who have been following all of this stuff it isn’t news that Brit society is even more infected with greenies than we are. However, here is an older article from there entitled, Taxpayer Funded Environmentalism, that shows their society may not be any more enamored with the outcome of the greenie’s activities, and the cost they represent to society, than we are.

Worldwide, the green movement takes in more than sixty of the world’s nations. They have so much financial wherewithal that no business association in the world can stand against them. And when they don’t have their way they will turn around and sue; which is what will happen in the case cited in this article that first appeared in Forbes magazine called, The EPA to the Greens: So Sue.

The activists within the EPA can’t always have their way, so they encourage the activists outside of the EPA to sue them in order to gain legislative authority that the Congress never ceded to them or intended for them to have. Does anyone doubt that a huge chunk of the EPA’s legislative authority has been granted to them by the courts? If so…this is a good time to disabuse yourself of that myth.

Massachusetts v. EPA is a classic example of this sort of back door authority. And a Congress that hasn’t the courage to tell the Supreme Court that they have no jurisdiction in this matter. We need to get this! The Constitution says that the Congress sets the jurisdiction of the federal courts. All it takes is courage. In spite of all the pontifications of Supreme Court justices who claim that it is the Supreme Court that decides what the Constitution means; that was not the founding fathers understanding nor was it their intent.

There are four things that must be implemented to defeat the green movement, and they must be implemented in conjunction with one another and at the same time. First they must have their funding dried up and the rest taxed.

Secondly they must be prevented from suing by either changing environmental laws or specifically stating that they have no standing to sue; thirdly in situations where they can sue they must pay when they lose and not be paid attorneys fees by the government when they win. This has become a big money scam for environmentalist attorneys. Finally they must be sued for the losses companies and industries suffer as a result of their actions. In short; it's the money stupid.

If we really want to fix the economy all it would take is to crush the green movement, and it would surge overnight. All it takes is vision and courage. Then again….that is all it has ever taken for any worthwhile endeavor to succeed. Working to be popular means having no vision! Popularity isn't a quality for real leadership.

How can someone stand for something and be liked by everyone? After all, what real leader who ever accomplished anything worthwhile stood up before humanity as said; “I stand for consensus”? That means they stand for nothing. There is a difference between a real leader versus someone who merely organizes the direction everyone wants to go. Guess which one is popular.

 Guess which one isn’t.

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