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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Science of Homeopathy?

By Rich Kozlovich

A few years ago this article entitled, "Scientific Proof that Homeopathy Works", appeared on the Natural News web site.  I think a lot of it is looney, but occasionally there's stuff there that's worth reading.  The rest challenges you to develop the intellectual tools necessary to justify your own views.

However, the article states:
Most scientists would state categorically that homeopathy is a scientific impossibility. Who would disagree, as the explanation that is currently provided to support homeopathy makes very little sense. How is it possible that a solution that contains no chemical atoms causes a biological reaction? All of our basic understanding of science screams out that this is patently impossible."   
 The article later goes on to attempt to refute this by saying: 
"As an example, in one experiment, if you treated a cup of water with a specific vibrational frequency the water would change itself to that specific vibration and it would stay like that forever. It would only change if it came across a different vibration. This vibrated water if ingested directly and instantly affects our body's biological functions. Depending on the vibrational frequency of the water, different illnesses can be treated.  
This is their "proof" for accepting for what passes as science among the “All Naturals”. I am inclined to think they need a whole lot more than this before they call this "proof".

I am more than happy to believe pharmaceutical companies are unwilling to alter their perceptions and actions because of financial concerns.

I am also willing to agree that doctors are among the most hardened when it comes to making changes, especially in today’s litigious climate.

I also willing to accept the medical and scientific communities will cling to concepts that have been largely failing for two reasons.
  • One, they just don't know enough yet.
  • Two, they continue to fail because they refuse to look in other directions, especially when dealing with cancer.
I am also willing to acknowledge those who have promoted alternative medical procedures such as treatments based on nutritional therapy have made significant headway with medical science. I believe that we must be open to new concepts if we are to progress in any area of science.

I am also completely convinced that we could fill the Grand Canyon with the things we don’t know.

What I don't like, and I am not open to, is the idea that our collective ignorance justifies collective acceptance.

Ignorance is nothing more than a lack of knowledge. Acceptance must be based on an abundance of knowledge. Knowledge that had to fight and brawl its way into our collective database before it becomes known as truth. That is what science is all about. Otherwise it is called faith.

Finally, I find it difficult to understand why so many fail to recognize that much of what these people believe is based on mysticism with its hidden auras of power, or in this case “vibrations”!  Vibrations only they understand.

The Druids of ages past would have been very comfortable among them today.  Green, All Natural and Organic is a pseudo-pagan religious concept with some actual science thrown in to give it credibility to the honest hearted who are unaware and unsuspecting. There is little difference between them and the snake oil salesmen of yesteryear.

Is it any wonder that so many believe that undetectable, or almost undetectable levels of pesticides cause ___________(fill in the blank)? Is it any wonder that no amount of actual scientific evidence can alter their view? The wonder is the media, the political leaders and the bureaucrats, who are supposed to be only concerned with the facts, are just as enamored with this kind of thinking as these Kool-Aid drinkers. Their positions are based on emotion and a desire to "believe" and that is almost impossible to alter with mere facts.

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