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Thursday, September 15, 2011

With Our Own Values They Destroy us! Part II

By Rich Kozlovich

On August 30th, 2011 I published the article, With Our Own Values They Destroy Us. This series of videos is extension of the concepts presented there. This should be considered part of the "Green and Problems of Democracy Series". This is another one of those projects I set for myself that I have come to regret because it has become far more complicated than I originally envisioned by outlining the Articles of Confederation versus the Constitution and the Federalist Papers as opposed to the green movement. I soon realized that to do this properly would take volumes of substantial size and I simply became overwhelmed as to how to finish what I started. However, I will attempt to present a broad outline of how dangerous the environmentalists are to humanity and how environmentalism real goal is the elimination of the rights outlined under the U.S. Constitution. This has been a progressive goal since the beginning of the last century. Both Teddy Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson believed that the U.S. Constitution was an impediment to human progress and subscribed to the idea the President of the U.S. should not be strapped with these impediments. They both subscribed to the idea, L’etet c’est moi. I am the state! Some of this will appear out of order in the coming weeks, but it will all eventually be organized and linked topically versus chronologically. In this video series we will start with:

How much land is owned by local, state and the national governments? How has this happened? Who is behind it and what are their goals? For those of us who have been reading and writing about the dangers, the lies and desceit of the green movement this will not be shocking, although the magnitude of the information you will hear in the coming days is new to me also.

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With Our Own Values They Destroy Us.


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