Wednesday, September 14, 2011

To Be Green is to Be Immoral

By Rich Kozlovich,

J. Johnson is has been a long time Green Notes reader from the British Iles. I would like to thank her for sending a number of articles to me, including this article by Jim Lacey, who decries the idea that the left, particularly the green left, occupies the moral high ground. He states clearly:
"The day has long since passed when the Right needs to concede the moral high ground to the Left on any issue. Yes, we may be able to win most of the great debates on the merits of our ideas; but as a wise man once explained to me:
"What I believe rationally is open to debate and change. What I believe emotionally cannot be changed by reason. An emotional belief can only be changed by an emotional argument.”
The Left has known this for decades. That is why the those on the left never misses a chance to brand those on the right with the most contemptible slurs they can think of. We need not descend into the gutter and trade personal insults, but we should never miss a chance to point out the vile results of the policies the Left is pushing. In every sphere of public debate, the moral high ground belongs to the Right. Claim it!”
It is gratifying to see someone support something I have been saying for some time. This is a war that is being fought on two battle fronts. We win the battle of facts; we always have. They win the battle of emotion; they always have. Emotion will trump facts and logic every time. In order to win the war we must win the battle of facts and the battle of emotion. Admittedly we are at an disadvantage because when your position is based on facts and logic you have to stand by those facts, and you have to wait for them to emerge before you can develop a logical argument.

When you win on emotion you aren’t necessarily concerned with logic or facts, nor do you have time constraints. This gives the greenies the ability to say anything that will advance their cause. Truth not withstanding! In short; they lie. The goal of the green movement is to get the “truth” out and they don’t care how many lies they have to tell to do it. Including their lies about pesticides.

They have falsely claimed for years that pesticides cause cancer based on high dose rodent testing.
Dr. Bruce Ames defends the broad use of pesticides from a number of angles in this article and believes that the lack of pesticides is the real cause of cancer because of poor nutrition.  The theory is "that, as a result of recurrent shortages of vitamins and minerals during evolution, natural selection developed a metabolic rebalancing response to shortage," he said. "Rebalancing favors vitamin- and mineral-dependent proteins needed for short-term survival and reproduction"

If one has any doubt that the green movement is devoid of any claim to the moral high ground please take note that Greenpeace has now turned forty years old and here is their legacy.  One of the writers outright asks why these people aren't charged with crimes against humanity.

Please follow the links as their is so much more in these three articles. RK


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