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Monday, September 12, 2011

A Little Schadenfreude on the Side Please

By Rich Kozlovich

Today I posted another one of Alan Caruba’s articles that is a harbinger of the eventual obituary of Anthropogenic Climate Change. There are those who have taken pride in the fact that they were "deniers" and "skeptics" from the very beginning.  Alan was one of them and I am happy to say that I was also. It turns out that there was a lot more of us than the media would have you believe. I am watching this unfold with a degree of schadenfreude.

What is really interesting is to watch those bloggers and writers who have been the most arrogant, most obnoxious and the most adamant that we all accept this "theory", lie and contort logic to maintain their position. If you analyze their arguments you find that they are full of red herring fallacies and the fallacy known as an appeal to authority. That has been their real position from the start and it failed; yet they continue to toot that horn because they have nothing else.

When I hear leaders toot this horn I have to wonder at their intelligence and integrity. Especially when they quote the idea that over 95% of all scientists agree on this.   That has been shown over and over again to be based on a small number of scientists and a further twisting of truth and logic.  Why in the world do they cling to that?  Lack of intelligence, lack of integrity or both.  Both are disqualifying qualities to be a real leader.

Recognizing the lack of validity on this issue wasn’t all that hard. You didn’t even need all that science that shows how false it was. AGW failed the test of history. In times past it was substantially warmer than it is today. Why? There was very little in the way of “industrialization” then! Then we have to ask; did all the things they are predicting for today occur then? The answer is a resounding NO! So why should we believe that these things would occur today? We shouldn’t! The final piece of information everyone should have been looking at from the beginning was who was supporting this scientific fraud? The irrational and misanthropic green movement, socialists, grant chasing scientists, corrupt politicians and bureaucrats (well, more corrupt) and businessmen  (also corrupt) who would profit from all of this.

Years ago I predicted that this issue was going to be the turning point for the green movement's credibility with the public. They put all of their eggs in a basket that was full of holes. If the internet had been in existence during the Montreal Protocol days it would have suffered the same fate as the Kyoto Accords are now. Now the green movement has lost all credibility with a large segment of the public, the media is thought of more contemptuously than ever in the past (hard to believe) and scare mongering doesn’t work so easily any more. At the end of this story careers and reputations will be destroyed, and the professional devastation will be in the camp of the warmers. It just bothers me that they won’t be prosecuted for fraud. That would be a gigantic step forward in stopping future actions such as this.

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