Monday, July 28, 2014

Renewable energies fail cost analysis... Duh!

Paul Taylor July 27, 2014

This column has for years warned of the insidious and needless costs to prosperity from governments’ quixotic “green” energy mandates. These myopic moves to replace conventional fossil and nuclear fuels with “renewable” energies, all in the partisan cause of cooling the planet, fail practical economic cost/benefit analyses.

For the first time since the climate crusaders began their apocalyptic claims about “global warming” (a.k.a. “climate change,” “extreme weather,” and lately “climate risk”) the widely- respected, The Economist, presents a rational and comprehensive economic cost/benefit analysis in comparing renewable energies vs. conventional fossil fuel and nuclear power production.

Massive government subsidies for renewable electric power energies are controversial costs because it should not be governments’ job to make wind and solar power profitable. Billions are spent globally to boost wind and solar industry in the hope that they will someday become cost- competitive with fossil fuels and nuclear power and reduce climate carbon emissions……To Read More….

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