Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The young pupils who think farms grow mud: One in six children is also unaware vegetables are grown there, survey finds

By Laura Clark, Education Correspondent

One in 50 pupils believes that farmers harvest potato waffles.  Nearly half of primary school children have never visited a working farm and one in 25 believes that farmers ‘grow mud’.  A new poll has revealed widespread ignorance of the countryside and origins of food.  One in six children is unaware that vegetables are grown on farms and a similar proportion is unsure where breakfast cereal comes from, even though most eat it every day……To Read More…..

My TakeIs it any wonder people are fooled so easily by the greenies regarding pesticides and why they’re needed.  When agriculture was no longer the main occupation people slowly became clueless pawns in the hands of the leftist environmental movement. 

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