Monday, July 28, 2014

Common Core: The Progressive View of History

Written on Tuesday, July 22, 2014 by Patrick O'Brien

Common Core. Say that today and you are very likely to get a negative response, which is completely justified. When Barack Obama was first elected President he promised to fundamentally transform the United States, and he could have only dreamed of this. But let’s get that clear distinction out of the way in the beginning, Common Core was not created by Barack Obama and it is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue, it’s an American values issue created by Progressives looking to change our nation and make money doing it. 
Common Core made its secret way in states across the country in 2010 when the federal government offered the stimulus package. If states wanted the money, they would need to accept these new federal education mandates. There were several states who refused to adopt Common Core, and several others who have not made full implementations, but have adopted something similar. However, we are now seeing several states reject the Common Core mandates and curriculum due to massive public outcry. Most parents, teachers and kids despise Common Core. The teachers despise having to change their lessons to fit a test or new curriculum, along with the new ways of testing teachers, students hate being taught differently than before, as courses such as math have only become more difficult, and parents hate not being able to help their kids when the kids can’t understand their homework. No one seems to be happy about this, except those responsible for it and the government……To Read More…..

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