Tuesday, July 22, 2014

To make elite schools ‘fair,’ city will punish poor Asians

By Dennis Saffran

In 2004, 7-year-old Ting Shi arrived in New York from China, speaking almost no English. For two years, he shared a bedroom in a Chinatown apartment with his grandparents — a cook and a factory worker — and a young cousin, while his parents put in 12-hour days at a small laundromat they had purchased on the Upper East Side.

Ting mastered English and eventually set his sights on getting into Stuyvesant High School, the crown jewel of New York City’s eight “specialized high schools.”..... His acceptance into Stuyvesant prompted a day of celebration at the laundromat — an immigrant family’s dream beginning to come true.

Ting, now a 17-year-old senior starting at NYU in the fall, says of his parents, who never went to college: “They came here for the next generation.”...... But now......the NAACP Legal Defense Fund has filed a civil-rights complaint..... with the US Department of Education, which dispenses federal educational funding to the city, charging that use of the SHSAT as the sole basis for admission violates Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act......The complaint does not allege that the exam intentionally discriminates against black and Hispanic students. Instead, citing statistics regarding declining black and Latino enrollment and SHSAT pass rates, the LDF bases its argument entirely on the theory of “disparate impact” — that is, that discrimination should be inferred merely from racial differences in test scores......To Read More.....
My Take - Let's suppose they change the criteria from entrance exams based on academic excellence to other factors that have nothing to do with intellectual cabability.   What does everyone think will happen when these unqualified students are then forced to compete with well qualified students and at intellectual levels far beyond their ability?  The schools will then be sued under Title VI claiming the failing test scores are so out of proportion for blacks and Latinos that racism must be inferred, therefore they must be graded differently or the academic criteria must be made easier.  We have lost our minds!  Is it any wonder our kids are coming out of school unable to read, write, spell, add, multiply, subtract or divide.  Well, this needs fixed and a first good step would be to eliminate the Department of Education.....and that's just a start in the right direction.

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