Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Twenty Five Years of "Big Fears, Little Risks"!

By Rich Kozlovich

Recently someone on LinkedIn posted something praising Rachel Carson and Silent Spring, which should be listed in the Science Fiction Section of the library, or better yet, thrown out. As I read the comments I thought it's been 25 years since the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH) released Big Fears, Little Risk narrated by Walter Cronkite.   This is a short documentary lasting about a half hour helping society to come to grips with reality involving chemicals, synthetic and naturally occurring.  We need to understand that if something is “chemical free”, it doesn’t exist.

I can no longer find it on ACSH’s web site, but it comes in three parts on You Tube. It only runs for about a half hour, please take the time to enjoy:

Big Fears, Little Risk Part 1

Big Fears, Little Risks Part 2

Big Fears, Little Risks Part 3

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