Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Steven Spielberg: Castro stooge and political bigot

April 17, 2014 Gerard Jackson 10 Comments

Some people think I treated Steve Spielberg unfairly by lumping him with Hollywood’s mad left. But Spielberg’s sympathies for the sadistic Castro are no secret. Despite the fact that Castro’s record of murder, terrorism, torture and anti-Semitism is well documented the proudly progressive Spielberg still idolises him.  A few years ago a group of brave Cuban democrats publically challenged Castro’s tyranny. He immediately sentenced them to life in his tropical gulag. Being a decent progressive Steve Spielberg was naturally outraged at this injustice. Unable to contain himself he had Andy Spahn of Dreamworks complain to the Wall Street Journal that Castro was the real victim here and not those trouble-making dissidents..... On 13 July 1994 Castro the Liberator ordered that the 10 children and 22 adults trying to escape from his communist paradise on the tugboat Trece de Marzo be killed. A few years later we find the child-loving Steven Spielberg kissing the blood stained hands of this child-killer. While this snivelling little lickspittle was paying homage to this sadist Juan Carlos González Leiva was being tortured by his secret police for the heinous crime of demanding freedom for Cuba....Continue reading

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