Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Professors For Pedophilia

July 15, 2014 by Stephen Brown 6 Comments

As Christian religious belief declines in Europe, the continent’s pagan heart comes more and more to the fore, and England, is only the latest European country to witness this growing phenomenon.  A major pedophilia scandal is currently rocking British society, in which as many as 20 prominent politicians, judges and other members of the British establishment are suspected of having abused children in the 1980s and 1990s as part of a pedophile ring. The victims were among society’s most vulnerable, being mostly boys from state children’s homes. And such abuse, it is suspected, may have been going on for decades.

“We are looking at the Lords, the Commons, the judiciary- all institutions where there will be a small percentage of pedophiles, and a slightly larger percentage of people who have known about it,” former child protection manager Peter McKelvie told the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), calling the predators “an extremely powerful elite” who have been abusing children “for as long as I have been alive.”  This latest episode involving sexual exploitation of children comes on the heels of other, jarring, pedophilia scandals to stun Britain this year. One involved the BBC itself…….To Read More……
My Take - As I reported yesterday, there is a growing influential group attempting to overturn laws that prosecute adults who are having sex with children. This is a disgusting story, and you're probably not going to see on the news, or read much about in the newspapers, but it’s a story the public must be made aware of, and I hope this will help to alert everyone and cause society to pay attention.  As society abandons traditional Judaic/Christian values – which gave the world the only stable moral foundation it ever had – society will soon find justification to adopt any insanity.  We need to get that!   

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