Friday, July 25, 2014

We Need Clarity of Thought More Than Ever!

By John Droz, Jr. - Physicist and environmental advocate

As we move towards a critical November election in the US, you should look for an opportunity to communicate with your local House or Senate candidate. My recommendation is that you reach out to your federal candidates, to see which of them are most sympathetic to supporting science-based policies.

Prior to the elections these politicians are likely to be more available and receptive, so now is the time to make some inroads!

Here are some suggestions to consider:

1 - The candidate should have "Energy" listed on their Issues webpage — as energy is an extremely important matter, since it plays a pivotal role in our economy, security, etc.

2 - When writing up any Issue page, it is important to adhere to two criteria:

— Distinguish yourself from your opponent
— Establish an accurate, understandable and defendable position

3 - Their fundamental position regarding technical matters: technical policies should be based on real science. For example:

— We do have energy and environmental issues [i.e. there is no denial]
— Such technical matters should be resolved by applying genuine Science [i.e. vs political science]

4 - A major mistake many Republicans make regarding Energy, is to advocate an "All of the Above" strategy.

— This is a Democrat originated slogan, so why would any Republican say it?
— More importantly, it is non-sensical:
"ALL of the above" would include unreliable alternative sources of energy — why would we support those?
"ALL of the above" would include extremely expensive alternative sources of energy — why would we support those?
"ALL of the above" would also include environmentally destructive alternative sources of energy — why would we support those?

5 - The appropriate Energy mantra to advocate is "All of the Sensible." Which energy options are sensible? Well, that's exactly the conversation we should be having!

IMO sensible alternative energy options would be those that have scientific proof that they are a net societal benefit. Another perspective would be that we support alternative sources that provide abundant, reliable, and low-cost energy.

6 - For more information they should look at our website, The candidate should pay particular attention to — a comprehensive science-based discussion of energy. Energy and Mankind is also an excellent primer.

I'd be glad to answer questions about any of this.

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