Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Now for something different: Hollywood’s America-hating left

April 15, 2014 Gerard Jackson 5 Comments

The nauseating spectacle of Hollywood celebrities prostrating themselves before Obama highlights the hypocrisy, ignorance and outright stupidity of these celluloid intellectuals, of whom George Clooney is a particularly nauseating example. As Hollywood’s most prominent celluloid intellectual — the equally imbecilic Ron Howard is a very close second — he probably thought he was being profound as well as smart when he declared that “We are a little bit out of touch in Hollywood. I think that’s probably a good thing”. A not unexpected statement from a man who seems to credit Hollywood with saving America from fascism and racism......Just how tolerant and patriotic is the Hollywood left? Not very if history is allowed to judge. The vicious attacks on the late and great Elia Kazan by Hollywood leftists exposed the hypocrisy and totalitarian mindset of those who George Clooney admires for being “a little bit out of touch” with the rest of the country........No matter which way you dress them up, the attacks on Elia Kazan amounted to support for American Stalinists. And this is something that should not be forgotten, regardless of what the buffoonish Clooney would have us believe. Something else that should not be forgotten is that most of the world’s media, meaning leftwing agitators masquerading as journalists, felt the same way........To Read More....

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