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Sunday, May 26, 2013

Reap What You Sow

In the next few weeks, we will probably hear more stories about journalists whose correspondence was monitored, and more creepy details about the corruption of the IRS. The fault, however, is not Obama’s alone; he is what he is — a take-no-prisoners tough Chicago politician who came to power in Illinois by suing to remove opponents from the ballot and leaking the sealed divorce records of his primary and general-election senatorial opponents……Instead, the problem has been the press, which for a variety of reasons invested in Obama to the point that it gave up its integrity and for the last five years essentially surrendered its vital watchdog role in a free society. The road to where we are now was not just marked by the embarrassing exclamations from journalists about tingling legs, perfectly creased pants, the smartest president we have ever seen, and Obama as a “god,”….…… journalists who gave up their independence…… In the last few years, I think most columnists who wrote things critical of the administration or its congressional or state allies expected either to get a letter…. from the IRS, or an angry call or public putdown from a liberal public official, or back-channel advice about …..columns, or weird storms of hostile e-mails and postings that were almost identical in their pro forma boilerplate talking points, or all that and more. I know I did—and was not disappointed.…….To Read More….

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