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Saturday, May 25, 2013

It’s All About Tides

By Rich Kozlovich
Recently there was an article by Allysia Finley titled, A Farmers' Rebellion Lifts the California GOP,  where-in she starts by saying;  “An election upset could send a pro-business Republican to Sacramento and give hope to the moribund state party.”  She notes that it wasn’t that long ago when; “Democrats were writing obituaries for California's GOP after winning a supermajority in the state legislature last November, thus gaining veto-proof power to raise taxes.”  However something changed.  In a district that has a 20 plus point advantage for the Democrats, a “Republican farmer Andy Vidak appears to have defeated a Democrat…”
Everyone in California is somewhat startled by this.  But anyone who reads history has to have known this was inevitable.   Why?   Because “life is all about tides. There are those who catch the tide and those who row against the tide. Those rowing against the tide will always go in that direction no matter which way the tide is moving. The rest have no direction and will simply follow the tide. Those who row against the tide are in better shape than those who go with the tide. Not only physically, but intellectually, emotionally and psychologically.  When the tide changes direction, and it will, guess who will be in the lead? 
Wisdom in California is starting to unfold.  California will at some point turn into a conservative stronghold.  Why?  Because leftism always leaves dystopia in its wake.   California is currently in full accord with every foul leftist concept ever conceived.
California is the antithesis of Judaic/Christian values and principles; the bedrock of Americanism.  In effect they are practicing atheists, irrespective of what they say.  Thus they have no firm moral touchstone to evaluate what they are told, what they believe or what they should practice.  In short, they are morally rudderless, and can be tossed back and forth like the waves crashing against their shores. 
Californians believe that every culture is equal except American culture, in spite of the fact that immigration is from all those other “wonderful” cultures, not to them.  It is only in one direction; so why are they coming to this “bad” American culture and leaving their ‘good and wonderful’ culture?
Californians laud ‘organic’ farming, yet primitive cultures that had no choice except ‘organic’ abandoned it as soon as they could for modern practices.  Why?  Because they were starving!
Californians have totally embraced the global warming mantra in spite of the fact that it has been shown to be blatantly fraudulent; the EU is abandoning it; the UN is backpedaling on it; but California is not backing down no matter the economic consequences.
Californians are all go on alternative energy, all the while knowing that wind or solar alternatives are incapable of providing consistent service let alone enough energy to meet Californian’s basic daily needs even if the sun shined and the wind blew every day.
California is on the verge of collapse, morally, ethically, practically, economically and in every way that stands for traditional values.  This is what happens when ‘radical’ thinking becomes ‘mainstream’.  Dystopia follows leftism, in all its manifestations, like Sancho Panza followed Don Quixote; a madman. 
But that is the beauty of leftism.  Its legacy!  All the while using our own values against us, it becomes apparent that all that attractive rhetoric they spew out is mere corruption.  But eventually the proof must be in the results; and the historical foundation for leftism is dystopia; squalor, misery, suffering and early death.  That has been their legacy in every land its been tried, and even Sweden is facing the disaster of 'multiculturalism' and the welfare state. 
California will become a red state because taxes, regulations and central planning will destroy their economy, and all those leftists living on the coast won’t be able to stop it.  The beginning of wisdom is ……starting in California.  

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