Saturday, April 29, 2017

Is Fox News About To Be Challenged By A New Conservative Network?

By Andrew West April 28, 2017

Fox News has had an interesting few months, with massive lineup changes and lawsuits dominating their landscape. With the losses of on-air personalities Megyn Kelly and Bill O’Reilly in recent months, and bigwig Roger Ailes being ousted after allegations of sexual harassment surfaced surrounding him, the network has seen better days.

 While still dominating the cable lineup in terms of ratings, there is no denying that Fox News is rapidly evolving, and soon the network may not be able to recognize itself. Now, given the smattering of conservative opinions that are gaining momentum in America, and the perceived fracturing of Fox, the conditions could be just right for a challenger to the cable news throne…and that is exactly what one group of so-called “fat cats” are counting on........To Read More.....

My Take - Does anyone remember not that many years ago when CNN was watched with gusto because it presented more news in depth than the others, and gave the appearance of at least presenting some conservative views.  Then came Fox News and everyone laughed at them.  I don't know the time line but about the same time the Drudge Report appeared and the Mighty Leftie Media laughed and mocked them all.  Well, the worm turned. 
The New York Times and the rest of the Mighty Leftie TV  and Print News Media are in trouble, and Fox dominates cable news.  Why?  Because they gave the impression they were a conservative news source.  And compared to the rest - they were far more conservative than anyone else in television - and there was a massive audience out there with "traditional values" craving to have their positions heard. 
Notice that I said they had "traditional values" - I didn't say conservative values.  The reason why is because there are entirely too many "conservatives" like John Kasich, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, George Will, Charles Krauthammer and others who have trouble defining conservative values that are in line with traditional values.  With George Will and Krauthammer I understand it.  They're atheists and as a result have floating foundational values. 

John Kasich I also understand - he claims he has the right to define conservatism as he sees fit.  I've met him and he suffers from a serious case of weird compounded by a massive infection of hubris.  In short I think he's a bit crazy.  He often reminds me of Bill Clinton with his ability to be charming on cue - but Bill Clinton is a psychopath, and I think Kasich is also.

McCain and McConnell are both self serving politicians who love the position, privileges and perks that come with being a U.S. Senator, and catered to by the media, as for McCain - I often wonder if his corrupt days with the Lincoln Savings scandal are really over.  Either way - they've both been there too long to know what's right about anything. 

Now Fox is going to come under the sway of the Murdoch kids and they're liberals.  If that happens Fox is doomed and a real conservative network will do to Fox News what Fox did to CNN.  I'm looking forward to it. 

Oh, one more thing.  I've not really addressed this stuff about O'Reilly and there's a reason for it. I don't like him.  I think he's arrogant, self serving and more than willing to dump on the lesser lights at Fox, especially when he had his eye candy "blonds" on to interrupt and talk over. 

I decided he's fundamentally dishonest and I think that because he claimed the Obama birth cirtificate was a non issue because "he's seen it".  No one else in the world saw it but Bill O'Reilly did.  I think he was fundamentally afraid of the rich, prominent and powerful.  When he interviewed Obama he was a wimp and when he interveiwed Alec Baldwin it was the same - Baldwin - who in no way could be called the brightest pebble in the brook - dominated him.  And - I think he did exactly what they've claimed.  I think he's a self serving -cad and stopped watching him years ago. 

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